SBAT and football betting

Betting is fast catching up with public and football is one of the star attractions in this. Football is one of the most popular games played by youngsters today. It holds a special place of pride in everyone’s heart. Statistics reveal that as many as 170 countries play the game and an equal number love

How to choose the Best Online Casino

It can be hard knowing which is the best online casino. There are many to choose from and you may wonder where to start. You can visit and take a look at the reviews, bonuses, themes, games available and style of the different casino sites to see whether you like them or not. Below

Biggest Wheel of Fortune Fails on Live TV

You may be familiar with the wheel of fortune in casinos, the one where you spin to win money. There is also a TV show called Wheel of Fortune where, as well as spinning a wheel, contestants have to guess words on a board with letters that are gradually revealed. It is a like a

How to Start Playing at a Mobile Casino

Nowadays there has been quite a lot of buzz about mobile casinos and their popularity has grown tremendously. To be entirely honest mobile casinos have been around for some time, although it is only now that they seem to be truly tapping into the market in huge numbers. If you’re interested in starting to play

Virtual Reality Gambling is Here!

Virtual reality or VR is big business. Recently Facebook acquired Oculus Rift, a VR developer to expand the social media experience. You can know feature 3D pictures which move with your phone and give a panoramic view really placing you in the centre of the action. Meaning your friends can literally walk through your images

Things you will only see in a Las Vegas casino

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… Vegas is known for its plush hotels, crazy nightlife and stunning showgirls. Above all it’s known as the capital for high stake gamblers, the big rollers who really love the Vegas strip. However you do not need to be a poker pro’ to visit the casinos and there

Casino play parties

Everybody likes parties. Of course, there are exceptions, as introverts try to avoid noisy and crowded places. But those who are open to everything new and want to have fun with their friends adore going to parties. But what if you have to organize a party of your own? What to invent to entertain your

How to play casino games on your mobile phone

Could you imagine, say 15 years ago, that today everyone would mainly play casino games online? Casinos have always been associated with the entertainment for the rich and most people didn’t dare to visit them just for fun. Nowadays the situation is a bit different. The number of middle-class representatives has increased and many people

How to Play Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild is one of the oldest and most famous Video Poker games, extremely popular with casual casino players and low-bettors, as it’s played with small coins mainly. I’ve chosen Deuces Wild game to demonstrate the main principles and the rules of this casino game. At the online casino where I play, this game has